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Providing in-house, professional sewer & water services to municipal & industrial customers throughout New England.  Now with 2 fully equipped vehicles to better serve our customers statewide, featuring state of the art and industry standard equipment.

Special Services Truck

Water Main Services

Rely on Superior’s Fifty Years of industry experience and expertise to provide your project with the highest quality water main services and testing.

  • Water Main Service Wet Taps ¾” – 2”
  • Water Main Wet Taps 4” – 12”
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing – Water Mains
  • Hydrant Extension Installation & Repairs
  • Chlorination – Water Mains
  • Dechlorination – Water Mains

TV Pipe Inspection

Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and reporting methods, Superior provides high quality, reliability and flexibility in sewer and storm pipe inspection services. Our service technicians have the ability to detect problem spots, cracks, offset joints and blockages quickly and without excavation.   

  • Sewer Pipe T.V. Inspection
  • Storm Pipe T.V. Inspection
  • Video Presentation & Printed Results Report Included

Sanitary Sewer Services

Superior offers a variety of sewer services and testing by certified and experienced technicians.

  • Deflection Testing 4” – 15”
  • Low Pressure Air Testing 3” – 36”
  • Pressure Testing Force Sewer Mains 2” – 16”
  • Segment Testing / Leak Location 4” – 16”
  • Sewer Main Taps
  • Vacuum Testing of Manholes

Concrete Coring & Boot Installation

Superior proudly delivers precise concrete coring services for various construction applications.

  • Catch Basins
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Floors
  • Invert Cores
  • Manholes
Special Services


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